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4th Mar, 2024

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2nd Mar, 2024

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1st Mar, 2024

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29th Feb, 2024

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28th Feb, 2024

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About the Podcast

Make Prayer Beautiful
Because Everything in Life Is Better with Prayer
I quit praying for eight years because the amount of resistance wore me down. But prayer is so transformative, I want you to be able to pray in health and power.

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Amy Lykosh

I was raised on a steady stream of missionary biographies and discipleship materials, blessed with godly mentors, was privileged to review hundreds of books in my role at Sonlight Curriculum (a homeschool company).
Despite all these advantages, I had almost a decade in her adult life where I didn’t pray much at all. It scared me. I didn’t understand it. I had a lot of guilt and shame, and questions about whether it was pointless. (Or maybe it was me … and I was the failure.)
After a miraculous healing of a chronic skin rash, and an even more dramatic immediate deliverance from the spirit of death, I want to encourage others on their journey, and enjoy the riches of prayer that the Lord offers us.